Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting a Sweet Potato Using Slips

There are four basic little things you need to start growing sweet potato slips.  A sweet potato (of course), water, a wide mouth jar and toothpicks.

Inspect several potatoes for little buds like the one pictured above.  This is where the slip will start to grow.

As it grows it will get greener and will turn into leaves.  The potato will also have other places on the top  and side that will sprout and grow.   It may take a week or so for the potato to start growing roots and sprout.  I set my potato in a sunny window and keep the water lever the same at all times. 

When the length of the sprout is ten to twelve inches long you will need to dig a small portion of the sprout out of the potato.  Plant the slip as soon as you plan to cut it.  It won't take long for the slip to adapt to the soil and take off.   Last year I had vines as long as 15ft. and they were everywhere in the garden.  The vines make a great ground cover or cover crop to keep down weeds and keep the soil shaded.

I think this would be a great project for kids to do. 

Have a great day!!