Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something I've always wanted but..........

never thought I should buy because it was expensive.  It's a 24 Qt. canner.   It is Big.  I've had my eye on one at WM for over a year now.  The price for the largest one at WM was $64.00 and it was only a 16 Qt.  I found this one on sale at Tractor Supply for 49.99.   I'm so tickled to have one now. 

24 Qt. Canner
I have always shied away from using a canner because they could be potentially dangerous if not used correctly.  I also have a Ball Blue Book of Preserving.  It contains 124 pages of canning information and recipes.  So I'm feeling somewhat liberated. 

I like using the water bath method too but there are somethings I think I'll need a canner for. 

Do you use a canner?

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