Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something I've always wanted but..........

never thought I should buy because it was expensive.  It's a 24 Qt. canner.   It is Big.  I've had my eye on one at WM for over a year now.  The price for the largest one at WM was $64.00 and it was only a 16 Qt.  I found this one on sale at Tractor Supply for 49.99.   I'm so tickled to have one now. 

24 Qt. Canner
I have always shied away from using a canner because they could be potentially dangerous if not used correctly.  I also have a Ball Blue Book of Preserving.  It contains 124 pages of canning information and recipes.  So I'm feeling somewhat liberated. 

I like using the water bath method too but there are somethings I think I'll need a canner for. 

Do you use a canner?


  1. Yes I use a canner, I used it yesterday and canned beef vegetable soup. It's on my blog. I too have that book, I just bought it a couple of months ago.
    when you are at my blog, be sure to bookmark Canning Granny.
    Have fun!

  2. I finally bought one a couple of years ago and I am loving having the canned goods on hand. Now I want a smaller one for normal cooking.

    I just bought the cheapie at WM but so far, it has worked great.

    I loved having canned apple juice that I just made some apple jelly from and vegetable beef soup and turkey vegetable soup and broths...I am out of all now so I plan to do a lot more this year.

    Now I headed to Osage Bluff Quilter to check out her canning blog.

  3. You will love your canner more each time you use it! Some things just can't be canned without pressure. Green beans, for one vegetable. And yes, broths, and soups. You snagged a really good deal on it, too.

  4. Hey I just noticed that you were not showing up in my google reader...strange! I got a pressure canner this fall and although it works wells it still scares me