Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Crocheting dish clothes seems to be pretty popular right now.  I enjoy crocheting while watching TV.  About a year ago I quit smoking and found that keeping my hands busy really helped with not smoking.  Just let me say that if your a smoker don't stop trying to stop. 

Anyway, I wanted to try the dish clothes and see how well they would stand up with everyday abuse.  The ones below have not been used yet.  I wanted you to see my handy work.  HAHA!!   I really like doing the round dish clothes because almost every row is different.  Square dish clothes tend to be boring for me.  

Do you crochet?  What do you like to crochet?


  1. I have always wanted to learn how to make dish clothes. My mother has showed me a few dozen times, but by the time i get home i can only make one long

  2. I crochet, but don't use patterns. I just like to wing it, but I am learning to make more appealing dishcloths by being more careful and keeping my stitches uniform and even. It looks so nice. I had never worried about that when I made them for myself, but when I make them for others, I want them to have nice and even stitches.I had been using regular cotton crochet thread, but had so much acrylic yarn, I have tried using that. It works works just as good when washing dishes.I can pick up yarn of all sorts at a bargain at consignment shops and the like.Hot pads and dish cloths are quick and easy. I enjoy making them,too.

  3. Mrs. Pickles,

    There are some great videos on learning to crochet on YouTube.


    I like for my crochet stuff to be neat and uniform when they are gifts for someone. I haven't made and hot pads yet but I have the supplies to begin.