Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First.................Blog!!

Welcome!!  I'm really nervous just sitting here in my home writing my first BLOG!!!!!!!!!  Wondering, hoping and praying you will find my postings somewhat interesting because I hope to make a lot of new friends.

Mr. Snowman bring me some snow!     

Ain't he a cutie!!  He smiles all the time.  

We didn't put up our big tree for Christmas this year but we did do a tree of sorts.  It's our stick Christmas tree.  I copied this from another blog.  I really liked the idea and it serves the same purpose for us.  The idea of not having to take down a big tree makes me smile.  Now I'm not a scrooge or anything like that.  I enjoy Christmas.  If our kids and grandkids were coming home we (mostly me) would put up that big, heavy, tall thing that kinda smells dusty and feels dirty.   Anyway I hope you like our little stick Christmas tree.

Well that's about it. Whewwwwwwww



  1. Welcome to the Blogging world! Love your little tree it is very cute

  2. Taking the easy way out, huh? LOL We don't even have ours up yet! I'm going to take the easy way, too. Pull the fiber optics tree out of the box, stick it in the base, plug it in. DONE! Merry Christmas! Looking to hear more from you!

  3. just read your profile. ME too! I like all those things---except fishing. I love being out there with hubby but I'd rather read or just listen to nature than actually fish. I did catch one once, though- a little perch about 4 inches long!