Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's been a few day since I've posted anything.  But I've been busy sewing and putting
together a quilt block for a bee I've joined.  It is called:
Flickr: We Bee Learning Beginner Block Bee .  If you have time
check it out and take a look at some of the great looking quilts some of the
ladies have made.

This is the first ever quilting bee I've done.  So you can  imagine my excitement.
I am NOT a pro but some of the quilts and blocks that these ladies have
made look very professional.

I have also put together a simple apron.  My bestie K.  was nice enough to be  my model.
That's my baby Pedro Garcia.  B. (DH)  named him.  More about him in another post.

I'm going to make pot holders out of this fabric and maybe a apron to.

Have a great day!!


  1. I wear an apron almost daily. I like that chef's apron style.

    I need to make some potholders too but will have to hit W-M to get some batting first.

  2. I never used to wear an apron but this last year I learned to use one while canning. So I wear one more often now.

  3. I'm really hard on my potholders and haven't made any for awhile. I have a bunch of denim in different colors that would be good for that. I save batting trimmings from when I put together a quilt and use those pieces for potholders and other small projects.

    Good luck on your new projects and next time let's see you as the model! Hugs, Ilene