Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Neighborhood Wolf

Her name is Sky.  She is a Timber Wolf and we think she is so beautiful.  She is well mannered, house broken, loving, smart, and playful.  Sky is somewhere around 11 or 12 yrs. old. 

Sky and Jake

The black lab is our dog Jake.  They are playmates.  Sky can get kinda rough when playing but that's the way Jake likes it.  This pic was taken last year.  She thinks I'm dinner!  Look at her licking her chops!  LOL  
Sky and B.

She is so sweet.  I know that sounds strange, a sweet wolf, but she is.   The 2 pictures above were taken a few days ago.  B. let her come inside the house for a little while (the little dogs did NOT like her being here)  and now she thinks she should come inside every time the front door opens.  

She really suffers in warm weather because her fur is so thick.  My dogs have a coat but she has fur.  Isn't it strange that they are from the same family of canines and yet so different.  We live in an amazing world.


  1. What an amazing thing. Where did you get her?
    I would be a little uneasy around her.

  2. Glenda,

    She belongs to our neighbors. When we first moved here we were afraid of her. There were 3 of them at one time but Sky is the only one left.

  3. wow a real wolf. that is crazy! she is very pretty though

  4. We once had a German Shepherd/wolf mix, but he turned bad and I was afraid of him. He was struck by a car before we had to make a decision about him.